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Dr Samuel Pozzi, his life and work and Madame Sarah Berhardt

Plenary lecture given at the Infogyn Congress in Obstectrics and Gynaecology, Pau, France

5 October 2017

Portrait of Samuel Pozzi by John Singer Sargent

September 2018

Caroline was a key speaker at the afternoon conference on Samuel Pozzi at the Orangery in Bergerac on 21st September 2018, together with Daniel Garrigue,  Mayor of Bergerac and member of the French National Assembly, and other politicians.

October 2017

Caroline travelled to Pau, France in 2017 to deliver the plenary lecture at the Infogyn Congress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Read the intro or download the whole presentation below.

Presentation intro:

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear colleagues It’s a great pleasure to be here and I would like to thank the organisers of the Congress for their invitation, in particular Michel Dagues-Bié. Id’ also like to thank the very lovely Saliah Gana, director of obstetrics at the Samuel Pozzi Hospital in Bergerac, whom I first met last year and who has been of great assistance to me, and Christophe Normand, director of Euromedial Gyneco and maker of the Pozzi forceps; he has been most generous.


So …  what is an Australian woman doing here talking about a man often described as ‘the father of French gynaecology’, the first professor of gynaecology in the University of Paris, and dead for almost a century.

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